A Prayer For America

My latest YouTube video is a poem I wrote which I called A Prayer For America. Since I was a little nervous to upload this poem I nervously talk for the first half of the video so feel free to skip to the poem which is about 1 minute 45 seconds into the video.

Here is a transcript of the general poem but I would appreciate if you watched me read it because I think that establishes a better sense of my message!

Also: Please note, the poem is based on the Serenity Prayer found here.

A Prayer for America 

God grant me the serenity 

To ignore the pity,

how people wince around the gritty

how people are getting raped in our cities

how our news reports a litany of mutiny

against humanity

But yes, please grant me peace

To accept the things I cannot change

Political injustices

moral rambunctiousness

I’m just a white girl white girl from the suburbs

who obviously knows about nothingness

Nothing about world politics

girls being sex trafficked

the debates between democrats and republicans 

Courage to change the things I can

(as a white girl)

Such as become vegan,

post prayers for the Syrians,

promote doing nothing to actual relieve hysteria in Syria,

start fundraisers for my resume,

make social commentary on social media

hate Donald trump and Pence

Throw in my five cents

be the media induced American

And the wisdom to know the difference

Just like the distance Furgeson had to have known

was between himself and the gun

the distance of the racial gaps his blood will run

when did the nation of immigrants become calloused to each other

calloused to love

we’re so obsessed with being right

that were all wrong

no one cares which political leader should have won

 the time to mourn is done

take action take heart

take forth each other instead of taking arms

take each other into our arms

offer relief shelter safety

let’s hold each other

I have the wisdom of self awareness

and I am aware

that so many Americans in an effort to be knowledgeable

those social justice warriors are too careless

a social media post isn’t what we need to create an awareness,

we need togetherness

real life action taken forth

we need less cultural segregation, separation

more yes more cultural appropriation except I mean cultural education

to blend us together

instead of trying to isolate our races

after all we are the melting pot nation

I hope you enjoyed, please feel free to follow the blog and subscribe to my YouTube. Tell me what you think in the comments!

With love,



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