Easter OOTD


Easter, like all holidays to me is about being surrounded by family and love. This year Easter Sunday was spent with our traditional egg hunt in the morning surrounded by my immediate family. After feeling adequately connected to our traditions, we all showered and changed to venture to my lovely Aunts house for a late lunch.


I wore my hair straight, and accessorized simply with a sentimental diamond heart gifted to me by my Grammie and a choker from my mom. My flowy dress is a creamy white tone spaghetti strap dress falling to a classy mid calf length. It flows luxuriously behind me showing a long leg slit that travels up to my mid thigh. Its such a delicate dress covered in roses and keeps a light hearted Easter color scheme.


On my head I have a wide brim hat from American Eagle and some simple brown sandals.

unnamed-12.jpgEaster always makes me feel especially Spring themed so I hope even if you don’t celebrate the holiday you can enjoy my spring tones.

unnamed-14.jpgunnamed-13.jpgThe photography in this post is courtesy of my dad who felt my farmer like hat and delicate dress should be paralleled with some construction equipment and dirt bikes. I think we deserve points for creativity.

With love,

Anna B



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