Little Boy Blue OOTD




From my color coded closet to one of my favorite hobbies of painting, the color wheel is something that strongly influences my life. I love playing with color schemes and if I don’t have the right combination of colors and textures in and outfit, it means it’s not going to work.


For this look I drew inspiration from a monochromatic color scheme focusing on shades of blue and cooler tones.

Oversized capri overalls make up majority of the ensemble. I play with the exposed ankle look by wearing some very “dad style” mid calf socks and unisex slip on gray vans. This whole look plays with boyish trends, from my hat, to the shoes to the overalls themselves hence the title. I keep it young feeling with my various fun and colorful bracelets, rings, and earrings as well.


Picking up the gray of the shoes I wore a star motif bandeau under the overalls. To ward off the slight chill in the air I slipped my arms into one of my more bizarre pieces, an extremely cropped sweater which is basically a tube for my arms and shoulders.


I finished the look off with a blue baseball cap and some circular lens sunglasses.

I had a fun time editing these images trying to accentuate the vibe I was going for. What do you think of this look?

With love,

Anna B



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