OOTD: Silhouettes

The winter and fall months are arguably the best months for fashion. Because allows people to express their sense of style through coats lots of layers hats scarves various types of shoes and just seems to offer more diversity for a person’s closet. Of course there’s ways to express your style in the summer but I always find myself hoping for the winter months where I can show off my layering expertise.

While the winter months may be a great for layering it’s also a time where a lot of people struggle to stay inspired due to the freezing cold temperatures and super dark mornings that make it feel like you’ll never wake up. The past few weeks I’ve definitely fallen victim to winter sucking the inspiration out of me but with this outfit I’ve tried to come back and be more creative. 

The two main focuses of this outfit were to keep a light color scheme and interesting silhouettes. I started with a crisp white button down from Gap. A boxy fit, I gave it a feminine figure by layering a ribbed beige cropped tank top over it. The buttons on this shirt aligned perfectly with the button down. My pants for the day were some exaggerated light wash flare bottoms with an exposed hem. The flat denim and the button downs shape being modified by the tight fitting crop too both create an interesting silhouette for the eye to follow. 

Picking up the browns in the crop too I wore my favorite Free Bird ankle boots with scrappy cut outs on the side and a beaded layered choker that followed the light brown scheme. 

Keeping the official look channeled through the buttondown I scraped my hair into a low ponytail.

Don’t let winter squash your creativity loves!

-Anna B



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