OOTD: Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Skort

Fun fact: I spend a lot of time in thrift stores!

Because of the amount of time I spend thrifting through others discarded goods, every now and then I come across a piece that is completely worth blogging about. When I bought this piece initially, I was under the assumption that it was a skirt but when I go home I discovered it was in fact coulottes, aka a pair of shorts that are designed to look like a skirt. 

Tommy Hilfiger clothing has had a huge resurancge in the past year, now it’s sold at stores like Urban Outfitters. If you’ve followed me since the summer you’ll know I’m a pretty big Tommy fan having visited his display during NYFW16. 

The denim and flannel hybrid piece was paired with an old pair of mid calf riding boots with knee high socks peeking out, and a sheer high low black button down. Under the sheer shirt I wore a red and black plaid bralette to complement the flannel in the skirt. My jewelry can all be found in the Run and Follow webstore! 

Being that it’s winter, I also had a denim jacket to cover this ensemble!

How do you like how I styled this vintage piece? 

With love,

Anna B

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