OOTD: Head in the Clouds

Do you ever put an outfit on and just feel genuinely good. As if those clothes were made to effortlessly fit and represent your body? I strive to dress in that manner everyday, but let me tell you, this outfit has to be one of my favorites. 

I started off with a loose muscle t shirt styled dress, black base with colorful twirls and hummingbirds pattern. This is just one of those dresses I find completely mesmerizing.

Due to the winter weather I layered a large fluffy, super warm and comfortable open sweater. Although reversible, having two pockets on either side I prefer to have the light color on the outside. 

The dress was a nifty find from the NYC Urban Outfitters sale room while the jacket was a holiday gift last year, also from Urban. 

On my feet, I styled trendy fishnet socks from American Apparel with some slip on black sneakers. These are my least favorite styled shoes but the comfort and simplicity of styling them can’t be argued with. 

With love,

Anna B

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