OOTD: Corduroy Jumper


Despite pink being a traditionally spring color, muted pastel pinks (suave, powder pink, purple pink, powder pink, pearl, toupe, blush, etc) have been see all through the fall into the winter. Perhaps people are craving femininity or they enjoy the soft tones contrasted with winter prints and black. Regardless, pale pinks are one of my favorite colors to wear, so I’m not complaining!

Today I incorporated the runway reminiscent color by styling a corduroy jumper dress from Urban Outfitters. The fall fabric choice (corduroy)  helps make the color more winter appropriate.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 2.00.44 PM.png

Turning it more weather appropriate I layered  a Free People “Intimates” collection black ribber long sleeve with lace up detailing. I love how it creates an eye-catching neckline.


Keeping the look simple I wore black thick high boots by the brand French Blu. By wearing all black accents it allows the dress to pop.


You can catch the midi rings I’m wear at my store: here!

What do you think of pink for the winter and fall?

Have a great week everyone! With love,

Anna B

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