Burnt Orange is the Color of Fall OOTD

Through the years I’ve noticed that fall color trends often reflect the beautiful fall foliage that’s all around us. This year in particular tones of orange seem to be taking over. With my skin tone, oranges, and yellows unfortunately don’t usually work so when I was thrift shopping last week and I discovered this corduroy textured rust colored coat, I knew I had to buy. (I mean for $12 too! That’s a steal if I’ve ever heard one)

I assembled an outfit with multiple layers but a simple color scheme to let the rust color pop. Cream and black made a nice base with the ribbed texture of my American Apparel turtle neck and cream two toned socks. 

Wearing high socks is a great cheap way to get on the thigh hogh trend without investing in boots. The black pleather shorts added another texture and the black of my heeled mules and mini saddle bag pulled the whole look together. 

Finally I slipped on some dangling leaf earrings, my mini round glasses and a big smile. 

Hope everyone’s weekend was lovely.

With love,

Anna B

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