Coffee Clothes

“This outfits a lot like how I take my coffee, black with a lot of cream” 

Today I went warm and practical wearing super tight fitting H&M black jeans with a high waist line, knee slits, and frayed hems on the bottom. Frayed denim has been taking over the fast fashion empire this past year from stores like Forever 21, H&M, to more pricey stores like Free People and Anthropologie.

After picking out a black base, I went for creamy accent colors in the form of my ribbed turtle neck from American Apparel and beige patent leather loafers.

I love these loafers because although simple, they have little tassels and a rounded point fit. If you want to read more about my love of loafers check out this post. 

To finish the look off I wore a blazer styled jacket with layered colors of green and khaki. 

With love,

Anna B



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