Campus Daze


In the whirlwind of visiting numerous colleges and finalizing decisions that will basically determine my future, my mom and I spent some extra time exploring the towns that form around colleges. I love the environment of local coffee shops and how big brand stores like LF, Urban Outfitters, and Anthropologies get speckled in with various bars and local boutiques. The last college I visited, right outside of Boston, was a 10 minute drive from Harvard Square. Despite rainy conditions, my mom and I suited up and explored the college culture.


I wore super shredded Carmar jeans; these are made especially unique by the five completely exposed buttons. Ripped jeans are perfect for in between weather because they offer some warmth, and in this case protection from the rain, while also allowing a slight breeze from the sticky heat.


On top I slipped into a super comfy mint green shirt featuring an antique bicycle logo, and layered a cozy cardigan over it. This cardigan gave me such an old school, school girl vibe with its white piping and longer length. Finally to hold my necessities I used a powder blue purse. Keeping is casual and cool I slipped on my personalized white Converse sneaks.

My hair was not feeling the weather, and traveling has its downsides (yes I am thinking about my mismatched socks in these photos) so I just tied my hair in a top knot styled half up do. Of course the perfect accessory was a cup of piping hot White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks and an open mind.

With love,

Anna B


One Comment

  1. Sandy Butler

    Wishing much fun and adventure as you explore the collegiate world. It will determine your next few years, not necessarily your whole future!!
    Enjoy every moment!!!


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