Fall Collection Look Book

Here is an exclusive sneak peek of Run and Follow’s second clothing collection, “Faulted”. This collection is bigger than the summer one, featuring multi media pieces mixing traditional fall patterns such as gingham, flannel, and plaid with unexpected twists of dark floral. It embodies everything about dreaming big, taking chances and living life to the fullest. One of a kind pieces are handmade from recycled fabrics with bold silhouettes, nifty imitation corsets and a wide variety of necklaces. Embracing deep rich colors perfectly suited for the upcoming fall season, this is Faulted.

These articles of clothing as well as other unique pieces launch for sale in our webstore August 21st.

DSC_0125.JPGDSC_0355 2.JPGDSC_0128 2.JPGDSC_0328.jpgDSC_0186.JPGDSC_0296.JPGDSC_0163.JPGDSC_0341 2.JPGDSC_0071.JPGDSC_0239.JPGDSC_0153.JPGDSC_0065.JPGDSC_0038.JPGDSC_0025.JPGDSC_0120.JPGDSC_0364.JPGDSC_0009.JPGDSC_0275.JPGDSC_0014.JPGDSC_0102.JPGDSC_0021.JPGDSC_0143.JPGDSC_0220 2.JPG

Check out our webstore here.

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With love and happy vibes,

Anna B



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