Shaking Up an Everyday Outfit

For most girls, grabbing a soft light weight muscle tee and a pair of super comfy jeans/jean shorts, is an easy breezy summer outfit, and I’m no exception. Here’s how you shake up an everyday outfit. 
Instead of denim pants or shorts, why not a skirt? I snagged this somewhat plain 90s style knee length skirt for $8 at my favorite thrift shop. Although plain I love the button and details by the belt loop along with the high waisted style.

 To further this outfit I rolled up a classic red bandana in a flirty way to style it like a thick choker. (For this look keep the tie part in the back and tuck the edges of the bandana away.) 

A big trend I love for summer is a peak of side boob. Tasteful side boob is the new cleavage! I wore a lace nude colored bralette under the deep arm cut exposing some of my summer tanned side. To finish this look off I slipped into my platform thong Birkenstocks in a bright summery white.

What do you think of this outfit? Does the 90s trend complement the western?

With love,

Anna B



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