Small Patterns | Big Statements


Wearing: T Shirt Dress (Vintage) | Sundress (Free People) | Belt | Platforms

My favorite summer outfit is undoubtedly a sundress or tee shirt dress. they are loose, cool, easy to move around in, and super easy to style. Besides that you can buy them in a variety of materials or cuts to suit any occasion you may have.

Sometimes however, you leave a store without trying on a T shirt dress and when you go to style it, you realize it is too long to be a t shirt but much to short to comfortably sit as a dress. Another time, you may convince yourself that a cute frilly floral dress is not as see through as it looks, then no matter how beige your panties are, the dress remains as see through as a window. THEN those two almost glorious dresses sit and collect dust and waste space in your closet…UNTIL NOW. Today I layered my striped t shirt dress over a frilly floral sundress.









Hold up! Flower pattern and stripes??? Hear me out people! The floral print is super small and delicate, more white with bursts of red and pink accents then clear floral, a small subtle floral print. Meanwhile, the loose fit of the top layer (the t shirt dress) has such narrow pinstripes that in the first picture it appears almost solid; the the secret to mixing patterns. Pick two small patterns with complimenting colors so they balance out.

To give my look shape I secured my waist with a western H belt and some iridescent platform sandals from one of my favorites, Jeffrey Campbell. (I have a funny story to share about these shoes; that will probably be up tomorrow!)


Finally, just being the trendy gal I am, (sense the sarcasm) I slapped on some $5 drug store special reflective aviators. The blue/green reflective glasses in either round or aviator styles is however a huge trend this season.

With love,

Anna B




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