OOTD: Tight Stripes

Wearing: Dress (Similar) | Leather Jacket (Similar) | Heeled Boots | Cap (Street Vendor)

The trend of midi length tight fitting skirts has become exceedingly popular, and I decided to take advantage of that trend for my classes in NYC this past Saturday. I love the maroon, light blue, yellow, and sparkly striped detailing on this dress paired with the faux turtle neck line. Some people shy away from horizontal stripes, afraid of looking large, but in this case I feel like the curve hugging cotton mixed fabric definitely flatters.


These shoes are easily my new obsession. They remind me of Dior heels, and despite the fact that the bulk of the bootie is an imitation suede, I feel like the light grey color and opaque pink heel will allow me to get a few wears before it is too warm out. To casual the look up and acknowledge the fact that it isn’t quite spring yet (despite temperatures rising), I tossed on my leather and stretchy fabric leather jacket and a NYY tourist hat.


The sun was bright so I slipped on some cheap reflective aviators. I felt so ironic, being someone who frequents New York wearing a hat from an actual New York City street vendor. Talk about natives posing as tourists.

I can’t tell if this look reminds me more of a famous person avoiding paparazzi or a tourist trying to blend in. Overall, I just love the vibe of this look. What do you think?

Happy March First,

Anna B


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